11 7 / 2012

WIMPS.tv - Paddy Anderson - flamenco guitarist from wimps.tv on Vimeo.

“The more I played flamenco, the more I liked it”, Paddy Anderson, flamenco guitar player.

Paddy Anderson is one of a few flamenco guitar players in NI. He juggles 2 jobs as a guitar player and as part of the staff in a language school in Belfast.

He was a guitar player before fell in love with this specific music style. “I went to Spain, I was living there and the more I played, the more I liked it.” Paddy said.

Every Wednesday he plays in Teatro Restaurant. Watching his show there are couples, old people, young people, tourists… “In my opinion young people are interested in Spanish culture, because it’s where they go on holidays,” he added.

The future for this lover of flamenco is clear, “I will carry on playing”, Paddy concluded.

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